Kitchen Hood AKH 900 DB( Turbo series)

Item Code : 41626

Imagine kitchen hoods with next generation angular suction technology. Not only it is super efficient but is good for health too. Next generation Angular Suction Technology Healthy Air with Angular Suction: Unlike conventional designs, this kitchen hood has its intake vents at an angle that makes it even more effective. When switched on, the difference is clearly visible as the smoke and vapours from the food directly flow into the vent sideways, keeping the air in your kitchen clean and healthy.



Revolutionary Auto Clean by Heat Technology

This revolutionary technology removes trapped oil, grease and dust particles trapped in the chamber of the kitchen hood by heating and melting them and then the same is collected in the oil collector. This technology makes it easier to clean and maintain the kitchen hood without the mess.The auto clean function cleans the filter by using inbuilt heater thereby eliminating the need for manually removing the filter and cleaning.

  • Healthy Air with Angular Suction
  • Ergonomic storage platform
  • Powerful 1000 m3/hr suction
  • Feather touch control
  • Metallic Filter