Induction Cooktop

Key Features : Automatic Whistle counter, Automatic Keep warm Function, Indian menu options, Automatic voltage regulator, Anti-magnetic wall, Feather-touch buttons, High/Low Voltage protection.

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The innovative Prestige Induction Cook-Top offers quick and consistent heating at highest efficiency. Add to this its anti-magnetic wall, soft touch buttons, durability, safety and elegance makes cooking a pleasing and enjoyable experience. The Prestige Induction Cook-Top comes with the unique whistle counter, power saver technology and keep warm function wherein the Induction Cook-Top dynamically monitors the temperature of the vessel and adjusts the power level based on the size (base diameter) of the vessel. The dual heat sensor provided in the Induction Cook-Top automatically senses the temperature of the vessel and prevents over heating thereby saving power. With latest technology and features, this cooktop will be the best addition to your kitchen!




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